Beach Wedding Dresses 2020

I want to let everyone know and want everybody to # PLEASESHARE so that all know to # NEVEREVEREVEREVER order anything from the website !!!! They clothes do not look like the picture they advertise and run extremely small. I ordered a size 14 dress and it was still too small. It also looked like they used somebody's grandma's curtains to make my dress. Then when I contacted them they told me they could only give me a part ... ial refund which is not stated in the their refund policy. They refund policy states if I any issues I can return the merchandise and get refunded back. After complaining to them about them falsely advertisement of their refund policy and that I was gonna report them to PayPal, BBB, and every social media that they advertise on the lady Emma then states she would give me a full refund. . I also asked her where do I send the dress back to, the China address or the New York address that was sent with the dress as the return address and she told me the China address. So, when I went to UPS to send the dress back they said that it will cost over 200 hundred dollars to ship to china in which the shipping of the dress cost more than the dress. So, I reached back out to customer service thru live chat the next day and chatted with the same representative Emma and told her the issue of the cost of shipping the dress back. She then tells me that the China address is not there return shipping address and tells me that there returns facility address is in California. This leaves me very confused because the return address that was sent with the dress does not have a California address at all. It has a New York address and a China address. This also leads me to believe that deceptive practices are going on with this business as well. I then asked Emma was they still going give me my full refund as she stated on the previous day and she then denies that she said it. I then told her she was a Beach Wedding Dresses 2020 # LIE and that I have the whole transcript of our conversation where she stated that I will get a full refund. I still have the dress ready to be shipped off but am very uncertain where to send it because of the discrepancies.

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