Cocktail Dress 2020

Who wants to sweat with me tomorrow before the big feast!? I am going to the 11:15am # soulcycle class in Bellevue and would love for somebody to join me!!! Spots are almost full (morning classes have a waitlist! So I know I'm not the only one trying to rev up my metabolism tomorrow).

SWEATING before the big day full of eating is one of the best tips I can give you for feeling "in control" tomorrow. A few other # fittips are:

- DO NOT SKIP A MEAL. If you drink superfood shakes like I do, fuel your body with that first thing in the morning. Starving yourself and "saving the calories for later" does not work. It shuts down your metabolism AND will make you more ravenous and willing to splurge.

- DON'T LET THIS ONE MEAL STRESS YOU OUT. If you have goals you're working towards... chances are you have some type of healthy regimen set up. ONE MEAL WILL NOT RUIN ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK. Promise. Enjoy the day and enjoy your family.

- BRING AT LEAST ONE ITEM YOU ARE HAPPY TO EAT. If you are not hosting or don't get to choose the menu, have the item you bring be something that does align with your goals. My go to is usually a salad. I keep the dressing on the side and make 2 choices (a healthy one for me and a more popular one for everyone else).

- CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Yes, it is the "national day to eat" but if you don't make the day ALL ABOUT FOOD... it doesn't have to be. Indulge and enjoy small portions of things you don't typically eat and let it go. Have the day be more about time spent with friends and family instead of focusing on ALLLLL THE FOOOD you're going to eat (or that you ate). Make a commitment to yourself before the big meal that you are grateful for the day and for the time you get to spend with loved ones. Cocktail Dress 2020

- DRINK WATER. AND WATCH YOUR BOOZE. I am definitely looking forward to having my first drink in 4 months buttttt I'm not looking to get smashed. lol I will have mimosas with my girlfriends and sip on wine throughout the day, but with each drink I have, I'll also follow it up with 1-2 glasses of water. Water helps keep your cravings in control (and makes you feel more satisfied) and also helps with any nasty hangovers you might get. ;)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! <3 <3 <3 Let's make this holiday season the happiest, healthiest, ever!