Dorris Wedding 1960s inspire wedding items

Me and my best cousin Vanessa nd my Daddy my fiance Edgar to my family n friends I'll b having a wedding sometime in February by church n court then having r wedding reception after the ceremony I'm happy to say we will b getting married Valentine's day by court n church we already rented the hall n today I'll b going hunting for a wedding dress so I'ma need help from my family o friends to help me pick out my beautiful white wedding dress Dorris Wedding 1960s inspire wedding items April Ponce lmk if u can come with me to find one I'll appreciate it I jus wanna go looking till I find the right one kus this is a once n my lifetime I'ma live this moment n I'm happy in love this will b the best day in my life besides the day I was able to give birth to my children I wish thy can b apart of this beautiful day of there mommy getting married n happy to find there best step dad ever