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Bobby Harris- my cousin has passed on to Glory
I was his rode dog when I was little. He would come and pick me up in that big van like I was one of "his boys" and we would hit the road. I probably hit every juke joint and nightspot that a little girl should have not have been going to. (LOL!) But, I was never afraid because I was "Bobby's little cousin" and everyone knew to look out for me. It wasn't until later that I realized that I was his chick magnet. I mean, what woman wouldn't love a guy who spent time with his cute little cousin. Lastly, he fueled my love for music, which I still have to this day. When his health failed, I was so amazed at how I never saw him down spirited. When I would visit North Carolina, I always had to take him a small pint of Bluebell Butter-pecan ice cream and a plate of whatever my Mom had cooked for Sunday dinner. I will miss him. Dorris Wedding chic graduation ceremony collections