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Question: I would like to donate bone marrow, but what is the collection process like? Does donating bone marrow hurt?

Answer: There are two methods for getting marrow stem cells from the donor. One way is for the bone marrow to be harvested from your hip bones in the operating room. The second way is for the cells to be mobilized to your blood stream by taking daily shots. The cells are then collected by a process similar to platelet donation, with blood flowing through an I ... V into a machine that separates the stem cells and returns the rest of your blood to you. Both methods involve some pain and fatigue, and it may take a few days or a few weeks to get back to normal. However, the risk of severe events as a result is very low in healthy bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell donors. If you are chosen to donate, the doctor will review what you can expect prior to donation. Thank you for considering to being a donor, you can truly save a life. Dorris Wedding maternity wears for wedding at affordable price
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