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# SFS condemns the brutal lathicharge by Police on protesting students of Banaras Hindu University.
The protest started at 6 am, 22 September 2017 in response to the recent cases of sexual harassment on campus. The repeated molestation of girls and vulgar remarks by security officials and wardens of the girls hostels on the character of victim girls students is a common practice in BHU.
This protest was staged against a sexual harassment case where the accused boy had the aud ... acity to put his hands in the victim's leggings while a security official was witnessing everything in front of the Bharat Kala Bhawan inside Campus at around 7 pm. When Ananya (name changed) cried for help and went to the guard afterwards., his reply was to run to her hostel before she is raped. Another incident was reported where the boys threw stones at the girls hostel and masturbated. The complainant girl was dealt with no sincerity here too and she shaved off her head in this 45 hour protest yesterday. This protest was to ensure the proper measures to be undertaken by BHU authorities for the safety of girl students inside campus. Dorris Wedding not expensive wedding wears for summer
The students wanted to meet VC Girish Chandra Tripathi to discuss the entire scenario and had been protesting at the gate for 2 days. Their demand was met with a deaf ear from authorities and with lathis, verbal abuses and air fires by police. The police thrashed the students from VC-House ,entered inside girls hostel and beat the girls there too and injured a lot of students esp. Girl students.
We condemn this patriarchal nexus of BHU sanghi authorities and State administration who will go to any heights to implement their anti-woman and regressive ideology as evident from this scenario. We stand alongside the protesting BHU students and appeal progressive and democratic sections of society to stand in support of protesting students.

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