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Thank you so much for all the warm birthday wishes! I feel SO LOVED! Today was my 40th birthday! I have ALWAYS looked forward to it! I didn't know why, but I knew there was a reason. I now know it was because I would have my wonderful husband & precious baby boy! I have also looked forward to my 40's because as a young woman I thought "when I am 40 I will have my 'shit together'!"Ha! I am grateful every day for my blessings, but today I made sure I took some special time to p Dorris Wedding tea calf length wedding items for plus size ladies ... ray, cry tears of gratitude and go out and ENJOY THOSE BLESSINGS! So, we started with morning Edwin & Mommy cuddles- I cherished every second! Then we went to Music Connections Foundation presents KINDERMUSIK, Bloomington, IL ! Mommy and Edwin time- boy did we have fun and I learned A LOT! Edwin got to be around other babies and it was such a great experience! We are hooked! Then we went to lunch with Daddy- our first time out with Edwin to a restaurant! He was SUCH a joy! That outing gave me more confidence in PUBLIC RESTROOM DIAPER CHANGES. I think I can rock that in the future like a boss. Back home to visit with Grandma Kathy Wycoff and Grandpa- Grandpa Hugh Wycoff put Edwin down for the night and he was out like a light! Finished it up with time with the love of my life Ed Neaves on our porch under the twinkling lights. Such a great day and so very, very grateful! Thank you, again, for the well wishes, friends! It was the best birthday of my life. I always knew 40 would be great! Now I know why!

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