DorrisWedding lace-up corset dresses for a wedding

Goooood Morning Everybody! Kitties fed, Covfefe made and drunk, God's Love Here! Terrific Thursday Ahead (even though it IS "garbage night" and major cleaning time for me!)! Grateful to be ABLE to perform menial tasks still! Praying for those in the path of storms of ALL kinds! I fell yesterday going up into the house from the back deck, and hurt my right wrist again , right knee, and ankle, BUT I am feeling OK today and Praise God nothing got broken, only bruised! A ... True Blessing considering it was a pretty hard fall up an odd-sized step onto an unfinished rough floor littered with stored cleaning containers and supplies! I feel so VERY Thankful, no sprained ankle or swelling, and wrist and hand are still working well enough only sore (lesson learned to be more careful!)! Running low on supplies for kitties (nearing end of month and money is tight as usual! More cat food is needed with all the kittens getting bigger and eating more, plus new outside ones are coming to the breakfast bar on the porch! Hands has been very regular lately, Thomas, too, and Jack (who now is chunky and looking very Healthy now that his face is healed after being torn half-off!) New Ginger kitty with white markings and the loudest purr ever is a regular now too (I call him "Purr")! Molly's Madhouse Is the "Meet 'n Greet" hangout for ALL the kitties in the neighborhood apparently! I Love Everybody! God Bless You All! Have a Great Day!!!! DorrisWedding lace-up corset dresses for a wedding <3

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