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Never sell the value of ur trust for cheap talk, because many will sell themselves to you with a bunch of rhetoric and well orchestrated words as a delusion to captivate/sieze your attention, but can't animate nor produce any of what they speak.

They have all the right words to say, the mannerism and the looks to go along with their charade, but inwardly, they are a ravenous wolf, on an assignment, seeking only to sabotage your character, destroy your witness, and kill off your purpose once you drop your guards down and begin to trust in their facade..

Sacrilegious folk are most good at this masquerade, they come as wolves in sheep clothing; They'll clothe themselves in priestly garments (dress churchy), they'll clothe themselves in the Word (talk godly), they'll clothe themselves as a friend/confidante, they'll clothe themselves as a true companion, they'll clothe themselves in the form of love, etc., all as a means to mask their true identity, just to get close enough to you to puncture your heart and leave u wounded and profusely bleeding, internally! DorrisWedding online sale maternity evening party wears

According to scripture (2Cor.11:14,15), Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light and aslo his ministers (his imps/servants) as ministers of righteousness.

So please, don't for once think any of what I'm saying is just a bunch of rhetoric, because it happens. I wouldn't even be speaking on it, had it not happened to me; therefore, I come as a warning to you, to remove the scales (blinders) from your eyes, so you won't fall victim to this destructive and very manipulative behavior of those who only have a form of godliness or a form of projected goodness....

Guard your trust, because we all have a Judas (traitor) lurking around to sell us out through betrayal, and he or she comes in all forms... So be aware of those who work overtime trying to gain or apprehend your trust, there just might be an ulterior motive behind it, especially as it relates to any type of relationship.

Be blessed! Love, Peace, and MANY Blessings to All!