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Sorry this post is so long but alot has happened in a short period of time. Right now I really dont know what I would do without my mom and dad. Aiden is going to have a very long road ahead of him. As some of you may have noticed when you see him he has walked and ran on his tiptoes ever since he learned how. He has been saying that when he walks flat his left foot hurts and when it was brought up to the doctors every time they would say "It's just a phase he will grow out o ... f it." Well, after seeing a new doctor and discussing it with her he was sent to a specialist. Tuesday we finally got some answers, he was born with the achilles tendon in his left foot being too short. Now he has to do 3 days of physical therapy every week in Meadville and 4 days at home. On Oct. 5th he will be getting splints for his legs during the day and a boot to wear at night. It is going to be painful but he has to wear them. We are going to try to stretch the tendon. If that does not work he will have to do what they call serial casting and he will have the cast changed out every couple of weeks. If all of that fails he will have to have surgery to have it cut and stretched by the doctors (hoping it does not come to this). If it were to go uncorrected he could completely blow out his tendon. Due to the tendon being so short he has hardly any range of motion in his foot and it is definite that when he is 11 or 12 he will have surgery to put an implant in his ankle that will give him the normal range and allow him to play sports and be as active as he wants. After we were done talking to the doctor about everything this little guy will go through and he left to make the referrals we needed, DorrisWedding retro style wears for a vintage wedding Justin and I were talking to him and the only thing he could say was "Im going to look like a freak, and the other kids will make fun of me." When we got home I was talking to my dad about everything and later that night he had a talk with Aiden. Now thanks to my dad, Aiden's response is "God dont make junk." My dad was completely right and told Aiden he is his little hero. My mom and dad have helped so much and continue to do so without hesitation and without being asked and Justin and I could not be more thankful for the both of them. Aiden has always been a trooper and I'm sure he will overcome this as he has so many other things. He isnt just my dad and mom's little hero he is Justin and I's as well. If everyone could just say a little prayer for him to keep pushing when he wants to quit we would greatly appreciate it.

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