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Are you aware of the biggest addiction on the planet ?

It's not alcohol
It's not porn
It's not social media
It's not smoking
It's not video games
It's FOOD ! Yes, it is food. What you eat on regular basis.

We all are addicted in one way or other to some kind of food.
(Soft drinks, sweet stuff, junk food, chips, oily food, etc.)

I know plenty of people who say "I don't smoke, I don't drink ... etc." , but when I look at them I see they are overweight , out of shape, they have bad skin or their health is bad.

Addiction is never the problem. The problem is underneath the addiction. If someone is addicted to something, it is mostly because they are trying to soothe some pain or trying to run away from a problem. I have sympathy for all the addicts cause they are suffering. When they open up and face their fears and problems the addictions mostly go away. DorrisWedding simple Sheath wedding apparels look straight

What I don't have sympathy for is justfying that your 'addiction' is better that someone else's addiction. Somehow addicted to 'chips' is better than being addicted to 'alcohol'.
True change comes with self-honesty and having very honest mentors, coaches and friends who give you REAL feedback, not feedback to 'make you feel good'.

I was horribly addicted to video games , until an honest friend told me that I am. Then, I became honest and faced my fears. I was using video games as an escape from a career I hated. Since, then I got coached and learned meditation. My life is so much better.

Get a good mentor, coach or a honest friend and truly listen to them without your ego getting in the way. You will see your life improve drastically.