DorrisWedding two piece wedding outfits with removable skirt

My back was hurt so badly that my face began to change: it sort of shriveled up in the tense face of an older person who suffers from immense chronic pain. I lived with my grim reaper day in, day out. Simple joys like putting my babies in their crib became impossible, and when I tried explaining my limitations to my then-husband he would roll his eyes at me and walk away, disgusted by my weakness, and this 'thing' that I had become.

I was supposed to have a spinal fusion.
I ... didn't.
And now I can clean & jerk my body weight.

Similarly, when I was 22 my knees were worn down so bad that getting off the floor would send sharp pains down to my ankles, and up to my hips and back.

I was supposed to have a surgery.
I didn't.
And these days I can run as much & as often as I want.
(Which isn't much, or often, but that's a different post)

How did I accomplish such staggering turn-arounds? My secret weapon has been Austin Sports Therapy , the movement assessments they make, the ART (Active Release Technique) they use inside their sessions to get things moving like they should and relieve strains and pains, and the corrective exercises they assign me (Mariahs-Gym clients know these as "Glutes," or "MidLine" Activation). I wanted to make this video so my clients could see Austin Sports Therapy's process, and it would make sense the next time I say, "just go see Kyler." DorrisWedding two piece wedding outfits with removable skirt

Note: over the past decade that I have referred clients to Austin Sports Therapy, I have never been financially compensated. I was not financially compensated for making this video.

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