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Today I experienced an eye-opening conversation. It's no secret I'm a type 1 diabetic, and yes I'm still facing struggles with it. There are days that I see some sugary goodness that I want to eat or don't get my 1 hour or workout in as recommended. Yes, I take the easy way out. I'll see that sugar cookie and eat it or I'll opt for a 10 minute quick workout just to say I did it. It's not easy being healthy, or for me somewhat healthy. I get it, my pancreas decided to start fa ... iling when I turned 20, but I have learned to look at it as a positive impact on my life.

At first I was ashamed to take my glucose levels out in public, I got the stares and the same question "You're not fat so why are you diabetic." (Look it up if you don't know that question, education is key here people). But besides that, a woman approached me and asked about the testing. I explained I watch my levels and stick to a specific carb diet. (And yes, sometimes I slip and eat more than I should. I'm not perfect). Not only does this help my levels, but has made me feel better along the way. I now look at the carbs, sugars and serving size on all foods I eat. This allows me 3 meals a day and I've narrowed it down to 2 snacks. She then explained to me how lucky I was to actually have to pay attention to my health and how great I look for being a diabetic and that more people should follow in my example.

Yes, I'll admit I have been a sassy-ass at times and get severely cranky. It's not easy seeing food you used to love and want to eat them, but they make you feel like crap and you regret eating it 5 minutes later, so you ignore it (sometimes). I had judged others on the way they eat (I have gotten over that part now, thankfully I have a great diabetic education team who has worked with my for almost 2 years now and explained everything to me) and question why I can't eat like that. Then I remembered what the woman told me. I get that I'm naturally small, but getting compliments on how well I manage my diabetes has really lifted my spirits. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been, and wouldn't trade having diabetes. Of course it can suck, but we all have something in life to complain about. But my complaints have only made me work harder and pay more attention to my body and overall health to fight this disease and hopefully will be able to witness a cure in my lifetime. DorrisWedding wears with sleeves cater for homecoming party

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