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Great Information and something to consider .....I love Coconut milk but 1 cup of coconut milk is about 552 calories compared to a cup of coconut water which is only about 46 calories.
Yikes....not that I am counting calories but after I looked at the difference between the two..I just may consider switching to coconut water and adding it to my smoothies and drink during the day from time to time and you may to. It's healthy alternative folks. remember the old saying - "we DorrisWedding wedding wears specially designed for full-figure ladies ... are a product of what we eat". and there are lots of choices out there.
Coconut water is naturally fat free, cholesterol free and a great way to stay hydrated and energized especially when blended with real whole fruit to help you power though your summer activities and with this heat wave - we need to stay hydrated and keep up our electrolytes up...
PLEASE take time to be informed and CHECK OUT THE NUTRITIONAL FACTS . (vitamin/minerals, fats/fatty acids, protein/amino acids, carbohydrates and calorie intake etc.
You will be amazed.....

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