DorrisWedding what items to wear for tall maids of honor

The MSA juniors had two excellent practices this week TUE-THU 5:30-7:30 and a game WED loosing 2-0 1st half but recovered wining 5-4 in the 2nd half. After the indoor footsala game a mom refused to have her son take a team picture because her son got pushed over during the game. Welcomed to soccer mom, it's a contact sport and 99% of the kids who play it filled a bottle of tears on their journey before they play high school soccer. And by the time they build a thick skin ... playing college soccer they still have not been challenged by the big ocean white sharks. The 1% who develop an immune system early playing soccer though, feels no pain or fear and grow up to be fearless and faster zig zag swimmers than the big white sharks. As a youth soccer players I never had a mom or dad on the sideline nurturing my pain and tears every time a big white shark attacked me for being the youngest and leaving me injured on the sideline or comfort me when my grandfather's belt traveled 100mph through my skin for coming home sweaty and dirty from soccer practices.

My mind, body, and spirit adopted and build a fearless and a pain immune system ready to conquered the big white sharks since the day I crossed Mexicali's border line at age 10. I missed out the correct travelers time clock missing out the NASL and MLS. I also missed out CR7's soccer manager Jorge Mendez to conquered the football world. But, I ended growing up in the most powerful country in the world who confused FOOTBALL for SOCCER putting an NFL League 1st and a profesional soccer league last in their wish list.

As I grew up in Watsonville CA watching Argentine and Copa Libertadores soccer on TV I considered Diego Maradona the greatest footballer and most inspirational footballer on a soccer field. He's the best I have ever seen play live. Not just because of his skill and drive but for his mental power to endured pain, and adversity coming off a broken ankle in 1984 and winning Mexico86 World Cup single handed also for playing with a swollen injured left ankle that looked like a softball in Italia90 World Cup. A beast on his own mountain cave with minor league footballers today struggling with pressured near the goal line. DorrisWedding what items to wear for tall maids of honor

PARENTS !!! If you wonder why your son/daugter today can't endured pressured, pain, or understand the speed of play, and capitalized on scoring opportunities near the goal line. It's because your kid's mind has build a habit to looked over to the sideline looking for mama and papa advice. Kids can't make decisions when they are nurtured for everything.

PLEASE !!! Let your son/daugter figured out how to get up on their own, unless you have extra $$$ to hire a baby sitter assisting. Footballers without thick skin will never figured out how to swim in the ocean with big white sharks. Don't picked them up , let them fall and get up till they build thick skin.

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