Pink Prom Dresses 2020

So Diana I have to share this with you... My precious little Moxie girl woke up this morning with conjunctivitis (aka, Pink Eye). We've been looking all day on line for home remedies for this and payed a visit to the pharmacy to see if there was anything OTC that we good do for her without making an emergency visit to the Vet this weekend. Nothin' doin' all day, so I finally gave looking this evening. I sit down pick up my crocheting, put my headphones in (Hubby's watching a movie) and start listening to "my book" Pink Prom Dresses 2020 ;) (I'm on chapter 66 of WMOHB) and low and behold Claire puts HONEY in John Gray's eye for it anti-bacterial properties...hmmm :/ . So of course me being the "Google Queen", as my family calls me, looks it up and what do ya know...honey can be used to treat what....PINK EYE!'re UHHH-MAZING Diana, thanks for the info and I'm sure my Moxie will thank ya bunches in a cpl days :) # itsgoodtobeanOutlander