Royal Blue Prom Dresses 2020

My Wedding will be about a 100seat for invited people!! Every attendant must come with his or her IV!! Have already scheduled my wedding ceremony! Have make sketch of my wedding dress my shoe and a lot more! I will not like to go for pre-wedding shoot but I don't really know for my husband! Then that bridal shower I will really love to do it at the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Royal Blue Prom Dresses 2020

My wedding is something I can't even explain how it will look like! My colour will be black and white because I can't find myself loving another colour I don't know for my husband

After my wedding I don't need company anymore!! I really want the honey moon part! Only God knows what have written on my jotter via the honey moon since I and my husband won't do any sex related stuff before marriage everything will explore on honey moon which will take place at God knows where

For my marriage I don't need anyone
My marriage will be just me and him
I will always welcome visitors but don't over stay your welcome
I don't really know how live will be if my husband cheat on me which I pray such shouldn't occur
Any other person in my marriage will be my children