Short Prom Dresses 2020 Cheap

no matter how much i try its like u dont notice me anymore...i take a shower n look all sexy n cute n i make a comment i got all dressed up for you and u like i didnt even see..u use to see yea ur stressed okay i got that but u were stressed before n still noticed me........i want things to go back to normal i wanted to spend time with u tonight just me n u go somewere idk maybe the river walk or just to the park or somewere and wen i told u im getting u something for xmas on the 3 u tell me go buy ur self stuff and a new outfit and u give me a look.....well guess what ur surpise was taken u to our favorit spot n eat together n i was ganna get u flowers well roses since i know thats ur favoirt flower and then i was ganna get u the pink pance that goes with the sweat shirt u hvae on tonight n go to the river walk and just stay out n then i was ganna get a hotel for the two of us and just relax then i was ganna ask u to marry me...suprzise but didnt plan on tellin u but u said just fuck off and how ur just not ganna come back home tonight i mean what did i do????....i take so much shit i wacth u day n nite and worrie bout u and try to put a smile on ur face wen ur down... i try and try but u dont even notice the little things anymore.... Short Prom Dresses 2020 Cheap :( :( i love you so much n im tryin to be sweet n romactic but wen i tell u im ganna do stuff with u n its a supirse u just act like u can give to shits..........but it is what it is ig i do love u n i do hope we get back to were we were before.....thats all i can say right now so guess imma get in to my pjs and go to u forever and always wife