Wedding Dresses 2020 Summer

Garage Sale
57 Coonan Street, Indooroopilly, Brisbane
25th-26th Nov (Saturday-Sunday)
Everything must go by the end of Sunday! Pick up from garage only!
Please Facebook message me to arrange pick up time, inquire items availability and upon arrival so that the door can be open for you.
Contact: 0430 077 119

* Furniture AUD30
* Electronic appliances AUD1-10
* Manchester/ household linen AUD2-12
* Kitchenware, dinnerware AUD1-8
* Gift items, Party goods (perfect for Christmas) AUD1-10
* Stationery AUD1 each (whole box 60 items AUD30)
* Bodycare, skincare, beauty products AUD1-5
* Cleaning and household supplies AUD1 each
* Woman clothing (unless specified in individual post) AUD1 each summer item (tank top, shorts sleeves, shorts, skirts) AUD2 each winter item (one piece, long sleeves, pants, jackets, jumper, hoodies, cardigan) Wedding Dresses 2020 Summer
* Food AUD1