cheap long dresses

Php 195 each

Key Specifications:
Make Your Eyelashes Longer and Fuller
100% healthy natural eyelash growth Liquid mascara brush
Strong and fast growth tonic
You can see the effective of the eyelash growth in 5-15 days

Product Description:
Main effection:

5-7 days after use, can make the growth of eyelashes, black and grow new eyelashes. regardless of how long is your eyelash original, it can actively growing. And by nutritional factors, to moisten the edge, shine and healthy, do complaisant slender edge.

After washing your face, use this product and smear on the eyelash root carefully in front of a mirror, 2-3 times daily. (Usually in the morning and evening) People who wear contact lenses should take them off before then spread. wear contact lenses after 15 minutes, not to reduce the effect.

Please do not use this product before bed, because to use it before bed will make eyelashes fluid flowing in the eye and will be uncomfortable. Fluid eyelash growth apply to grow, but when excessive use and the flow in the eyes, should immediately rinse with water.

Use eyelash fluid in the eyelash root. In general, the best method is to use a cotton pad with water to clean the skin around the eyes first, eyelashes prevent fluid on the skin, it will have little fur growing on your skin after smear, low the head for 2 minutes , Prevent eyelashes fluid to flow. cheap long dresses