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In the company I'm partnered with we have a 16-week challenge, where we take before photos. 16-weeks later, while putting the best nutrition on the planet into the body, we take after photos. Essentially we compete with ourselves. At the end we write a brief summary of where the journey started and where we are at the end of 16-weeks. The company then gifts a $200 coupon to supplement more nutrition. The best news is that anyone can sign up again right away. Randie Peters did Challenge #1 at age 60 (left photo), Challenge #11 (right photo). Who needs to talk about age! Just look at him! Gaining lean muscle is a game changer in the aging process. Randie's wife says that "has incredible focus, consistency and strength!" cheap plus size formal dresses under 50 # healthyaging # buildingmuscleafter50 # onelifecoach