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Dear @nhsorkney, when my daughter comes in for an emergency GP appointment after she has been into A&E 3 times in the last few days with overnight attacks of crippling pain that leave her unable to even speak and episodes of almost being unable to move (we think it could be MS), you are supposed to act like a professional and do what you can to help. flower girl outfits of tulle

You do NOT turn round and say that the specialists at A&E who asked you to further expedite her ongoing MRI request have 'no ri ... ght to tell you what to do.' This is about a terrified little girl getting help, not about your frail ego! Perhaps calling Aberdeen while she was sitting there might have been a more suitable response?

We are lucky that we had previously been able to scrape together enough to bypass the # NHS and get an initial private assessment at Aberdeen rather than wait the 6 month because you said her acute change in symptoms around the same issue, weren't relevant to expediting her initial assessment.

It looks like we might now need to find the money for private MRI and neuro referrals and various flights and accommodation etc in order to get our daughter the help she needs.

I spent 28 years in the military, serving my country. I don't want much back in return, but timely and professional medical care for my family, when they need it, shouldn't be too much for a # veteran to ask for, should it?

Getting my daughter the help she needs, ASAP, is my first priority. Making sure that everyone responsible for patient care, from board level down, is held accountable, is on my 'to do' list.

Don't get me wrong I think the NHS is an amazing institute and does some fantastic work, but someone, somewhere needs to be accountable for standards of care in # Orkney

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