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On Having A Fulfilling Marriage In The Bedroom...

Ilori Banji Saheed wrote

Nice to read this, have being hoping to help someone with solution.


Like many have said before communication is key in any marriage without it the union is as good as broken.

Yinka Adesola has not only be a wonderful farmer, she has being a medical expert and dietician.

When we follow her post properly you will discover she had shared powerful fruit and vegs that will improve our sex live.

Based on personal experience I have seen the wonder Garlic can do when it is used religiously.

All you need to do is take away the fear that anyone will say you are smelling of garlic, you should ensure you get 1 big bud of garlic and eat raw after pilling.

Might born you mouth but it will cool off later.

Maintain this for one month and watch your sex life after ward.

We tend to get constipated and ignore it, this body system can only function well when unwanted gas is not in the body system.

How do you get rid of this?

Ordinary raw bitter leaf water when squeezed, stored in container and keep in your fridge to preserve.

Drink 1/4 of cup of tea size after food at night and same when you wake up.

Weak erection of early evacuation will be thing of the past and you will be able to satisfy your partner for men.

It also keeps the blood sugar level low, so when using if you feel dizzle stop usage for 2 days and ensure you eat well before continuing.

Now to the ladies, the solution to the problem lies in your hand.

Your husband no doubt might have personal psychological issue that keeps making him cum before you and leaving you high and dry.

If it is money that can only be solved a step at a time and you need to show that you support him for him to have courage to overcome it.

After ruling that out, if it is physical then you have a greater control as a woman that prepare his meal, reduce all unwanted carbohydrates from his meal and feed more with protein and fruit with vegs.. flowy Greek style dresses for prom

You don't have to be rich to be able to afford it.

Cook beans with garlic instead of onions, make it delicious so he does not feel the difference.

Blend water melon with bitter leaf for him to drink, if he is the one that will accept he has problem then feed him with it raw as mentioned above....

For effective result you have to do it religiously and maintain it.

Have a tried it and am living testimony.

So I wish you good luck.

Thank you so much for this sir.
We sincerely appreciate you.

Guys and gals, please do share for others to benefit.
You dont know who you might silently be helping

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