gold selections for cocktail party

I remembered those days, when my kid cousin sister complained harshly about men. I decided to ask her: little sister, taking a look at me, if I were not related to you and I made a romantic approach towards you, what will you do? She looked at me and said, she won't have a second look at me, I asked why? Her response was that, "I don't dress well"!.

With that response, my dear reader, I never felt bad, but had lots of smile and laughter on my lovely, admirable, funny and hand ... some face. I have a sense of dressing!

There are many men who don't dress to impress/please ladies, especially those of a marriageable age, cause they don't want a girl to be interested in him for dressing/material acquisition, but needs a woman who will love him, not just for who/what they are, but what they stand for(MISSION).

It takes a girl to fall for frivolities, but a woman to fall for purpose based on what she stands for(VISION).

Men like me, don't fall for beauty and physiques, not that all that doesn't matter and counts, but prioritizing.

No man that was not made by a woman, either his woman or a roadside woman, when the woman inside fail in her duty, a roadside woman takes over.

It is not enough to be with a man, but making him a better man should be her priority. So, it's advised for women to be friends, date and marry their men, with an understanding of who/what he is and stand for, no short cut. Don't just be there for him, add into him, don't just love him, love him for his mission if it aligned/complement your vision. Don't be used for sports and be left for your future proposed man. gold selections for cocktail party

Any woman who engaged in too many sexual relationship before getting married, tends to deny her husband all the marital obligations, cause she had engaged and enjoyed it, before marriage and such a women, have a thousands reason why men don't deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Their past is always haunting them, and they becomes emotionally unstable....

It is best to apply the three folds steps of SHIP especially the first stage, before engaging sexually.

1. FRIENDSHIP: This the stage of acknowledging yourselves, testing to know his capabilities, anger level, strength, weakness, purpose, how supporting, encouraging, idealistic he is and ascertain if he is the right person.

2. RELATIONSHIP: this is the stage where you perfect all the knowledge you have about him, by making him a better person. No child's play or attitudes.

3. PARTNERSHIP(MARRIAGE): it's about enjoying

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