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Sorry folks that look for my updates it's just been a roller coaster of decisions again today is day 50 unreal this nightmare is never ending with that being said Nick Casesi is alert very much alive and mentally ready for the next steps he try's so hard to talk but due to the tracheotomy his vocal cords are obstructed so he can mouth his words but no sound I never thought in a million years I could read lips but so far so good I understand him unfortunately he's physically n ... ot ready as of rite now nick has failed 2 of his swallowing tests his airway remains open when it should be closed so there for he's still not able to consume food he now has a speech/swallowing therapist working with him and hopefully he can pass the next test if he does not he will receive a feeding tube into his belly sounds grim but it's really not it will bring him closer to going to rehab the only other hold up is another infection and a low grade fever I hope the next time I update everyone it will be that nick is in rehab my hope is he keeps making these improvements baby steps that's what he is accomplishing every day I thank the lord for being able to see him make progress not to be greedy but I have to ask for one more miracle that this process be successful and my brother return to a normal life and a fast forward option would be wonderful right about now thank you everyone again for taking the time to visit,call and text your love support and prayers have been a blessing please continue to keep nick and our family in your thoughts and prayers we truly appreciate it hostess gowns for wedding

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