ivory or beige wears for flower girl

Workout at dusk with this crew of # wellnesswarriors .

We did an awesome fit test tonight and we have all measured in! We are taking before and after pictures and committing to our online group challenge.We are going to check the results and measure our progress.

Tonight we talked about how the scale is not the most accurate measurement of how well we are doing on a program or an indicator of how far we have come. So we decided to use other measurements and gauges to help us te ... st our endurance, strength, speed and so much more.

I am so excited:) Knowing when you have support and how if you really want to make a change, when you surround yourself with the right people how far you can go!

One of the ladies mentioned who is in my online support and accountability group that its been years she has struggled with her weight and battled with tonnes of ups and down. She struggled commiting and loosing baby weigh. It wasn't until now and doing these programs does she feel back in control and on a trajectory to really conquer this battle. She talked about seeing real solid results and changes in her body, energy and lifestyle choices since working together and with our group! ivory or beige wears for flower girl

Gulp, talk about epicness!!!!!!!!!! Gaaahhhhhh!!!

Amazing job tonight ladies! Excited to see the transformations!!!

Would is committing with us! New round starts soon!!

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