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Some things you need to know about the whole "take a knee" thing.

1. Colin Kaepernick started the move by protesting the "oppression of black people" and specifically police brutality against people of color. Whether you AGREE with him or not--that was his motive, not to insult the police or the military or any other strawman you decide is easier to debate.

2. It's very important to understand a distinction. He's not "sitting to disrespect the flag;" He's refusing to stand ... to honor it. That might seem like the same thing to you, but it's different. Many are interpreting his "refusal" to stand as a statement when actually STANDING makes a statement, also. You're not just asking him to keep quiet about something believes in; you're asking him to profess in something he doesn't believe in just so no one gets offended.

3. He sat for three games before anyone even noticed. He didn't start this to draw attention to himself. It's a personal conviction, which underscores the first two points even more. If no one had ever noticed, no one would care, but he would still be doing it.

4. His protest began by sitting, not kneeling. After a navy seal spoke to him about how some people in the military could take that the wrong way, Kaepernick started to take a knee as an issue of compromise. Taking a knee is LITERALLY just to respect the military--not insult it.

5. If you're going to bring up the rights the flag represents AND simultaneously argue against the exercise of those rights, then you are the one being hypocritical.

6. Ratings, whether it's sports or news or your favorite primetime show, are pretty much down across the board. Fans from both sides of this argument are boycotting either because they're offended about taking a knee or because they're supporting Kaepernick who is allegedly being blackballed for doing so. Using ratings as an argument for either side of the argument is just bad logic. lace fabric wedding outfits with long sleeves

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