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Mistine Honey Facial Scrub Cream 85 g
Mistine HONEY FACIAL SCRUB CREAM is a face cream with a mixture of honey, Multifruit and microbeads. The content of honey helps make the skin healthy and radiant as it has antibacterial and moisturizing.
Honey Facial Scrub Cream Advantages:
Scrub exfoliates skin moisturizer can nourish ANDAction to remove / scrubbing dirt on the face / mask that linger without realizingIt is also to wash up into the pores of the face.The smaller por ... esMakes the skin soft and smoothSkin becomes fresh, bright and not dull.
Composition Honey Facial Scrub Cream:
1. Polyethylene
2. Microbeads
3. Honey
4. Multifruit BSC
How to Use the Mistine Honey Facial Scrub Cream:
Wash your face with soap / cleanser existing .. Honey is very convenient to use after Egg White Mask & Natural Mask Apply the cream on wet face by massaging gently for 2-3 minutes then rinse with clean water. Use 1-2 times a week to get results more effectively lavender or lilac wedding collections

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