long floor-length wears for girls

Today has been the worst. Having no sleep the night b4 i had to work till 5am. I am currently suffering from what may be the worst period of my life. With extreme cramping. Insane fatigue and mood swings from hell. Finally fall asleep around 8:30. Some random woman walks into my fucking apartment around ten. Leaves the door somwhat open so the dog almost gets out. I run down stairs and look outside to see the woman (apparently one of my skechy new neibors) apologizing to the long floor-length wears for girls ... woman on the other side of her apartment cause she keeps walking into the wrong apartments. Then kat omes ome at 3:30 and i leave o go pay the utility bill. Which we short on. Then go next door o the library to et e books kat asked me o get. All checked out. Talk o andrew and find out the licence hing happened. We of corse dont have money for that. Get home to find out there is an extra $50 charge on our rent. And now they just turned our internet (and our tv) off

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