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wow not long ago people was making fun of others on facebook for taking the bus and not having a car.i laughed at lots of womens posts running down my newsfeed.this whole i got a car and i live in a house talk was really silly talk on facebook.i say who gives a dam who has a car or who lives in a house,it does not mean you are a better person cuz you have a car and you live in a house.months later and nobody is posting that kind of talk anymore.lol.if you live in Toronto or in the surrounding area you already know that traffic is bad.people are choosing to walk to work or ride a bike to work.even this i live in a house talk is silly too cuz if you lived in Toronto you would also know that housing is expensive here and people are finding it hard to find a one bedroom apartment.this day and age most people from the ages of 24-34 live with their parents because its expensive out here but those same people will go on facebook and talk about how they got it all together and they don't.those people making fun of others should move to Toronto and see if they can find a good priced house and see if they be driving their car in traffic saying vroom vroom i got a car.it sounds funny to laugh about but it also sounds pretty childish of how a lot of people think about others and their lives.nobody is a better person because of material things and to be honest i don't wanna like or talk to people who think like that. long halter formal gowns