mermaid bridal dresses with long sleeves

See the problem is yall blame trump but you should thank him for exposing what you blind mfs thought was over America is racist an never changed they hid it well thats the aspect of trump I respect he said what he want when he want it be dumb as hell 90% of the time but its his truth if you are a person of any color they expect you to be a minority but working together for change is real but we wanna help houston starving children in africa red cross man go around the corner mermaid bridal dresses with long sleeves ... an donate something its people right next to you that need help fuck ur homeboy or friend sleeping on a mf couch yall to busy worrying about the world when ur town ur block ur hood is hurting start at home an build up goofy ass then when home strong branch out all an im not discouraging donations but I guarantee all yall collected for houston an florida yall could hav did all kind of shit fpr UR community key word UR

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