modest formal dresses

Rukaya woke up as early as she could in order to catch up with an interview
Monday morning...she dressed in her usual home attire and top it with her khimar
and which has been her usual mode of dressing.
She took some documents she kept on her table and headed towards her
mother's room.
Rukaya: Asalaam Alaikum ma. How was night!
Mother: Alhamdulilah.
Aren't you ready for the interview yet?!..
Rukaya:sure I am ....just came to check on you before I leave.
Mother:before you do what?!is this how u will go for a competitive job interview ?!
you yourself said it's a big company?! Isnt it?!who does that?!
Rukaya:But mom how do u expect me to go?!
Mother:At least reduce your hijab to a cape one and dress corporate as an have been rejected in four good different organizations..can't u
learn lesson?!
Rukaya avoiding dragging the matter with her mom:
Mom don't bother about that... I'm fine this way...just wish me good luck and
success...I'm gonna see u back soon inshallah!
Mother:you are already inviting bad luck for your self with this your dressing...but modest formal dresses
I won't use my own mouth to say what's bad for shall be well with you.
Rukaya heading out :thank u ma.... asalaam alaikum.
Mothe complaining: ehh..come in salamu alaikum ..go out, salamu alaikum!
Oga o...
Rukaya arriving the reception center of the company.
Secretary:Hi!how can I help you?!
Rukaya:Am here for an interview!
Secretary with disgust:Are you sure u have an interview!
Rukaya with confidence:yeah sure,any problem?!
Secretary:you can go have your seat over there!will call u when it's time!
Rukaya took a seat where other applicants were and all kept awaiting for their
names to be called one after the other .
After 35min.....
Rukaya olayiwola....
The secretary called out her name...
Rukaya standing up:here I am!
Come with me please!
Rukaya followed the secretary and both went in to the interview room...
Rukaya was surprised to see her mother's friend's husband Mr badmus among the
board of interviwers.
She stood in her place offering greetings to the three personnels...
Secretary pointing to the only woman among others:
This is Mrs william executive director of finance ...
The woman extended her hand for a shake which Rukaya returned.
Secretary pointing to the second man:
And here is Mr Ahmad the CEO.
He extended his hand as well while Rukaya placed her hand politely on her chest
as a modest sign of rejecting hand shake with a strange man.
The CEO felt embarrassed and withdrew his hand immediately.
The secretary with a raised eyebrow continued:
And here is Mr badmus the senior accountant of the company.
The man (didn't bother to extend his hand not to cause another embarrassing
scene ...and Rukaya was asked to have a seat......
The secretary opted out of the room after the introduction....
The interview eneded after some minutes and Rukaya left the room.
As she was passing through the reception she heard the secretary speaking in
low voice:
Some people are funny Sha, bringing religion to an interview...I don't pity them
Rukaya knew the talk was directed to her but she ignored!
*At home*
Mother:how was your interview?!
Rukaya: alhamdulilah ma.
Mother: Hope u were not chased away from the gate?!
Rukaya:what crime have I committed to be chased away?!
Mom I expected u to be proud of me dressing in a decent way not attacking me
Mother:I will be proud of u once u do the right thing at right time... Anyways!
should we be expecting a good response from them?!
Rukaya:let's rely on Allah ma....He will grant the best.
Mother:I hope so...u know I can't wait to be pointing at my daughter as a
chattered accountant!
Rukaya:it shall be well...ooh mom guess what!
Mother:what's that!?!
Rukaya:Mr badmus your friend's husband was even among the board members
that conducted the interview for me.
Mother: really?!
That's perfect.....let's then consider the job yours already....
Rukaya:He can't do nothing I believe tho....let's rely on Allah ma as I said earlier
Mother:yes we will but still he can do something about it . Will ring his wife to
discuss with her soon.
Rukaya left for her room!
After magrib time......
Rukaya! Rukaya!
Her mother called at top of her voice....
Rukaya rushed to her as she was scared of her mother's tone of calling ....
Rukaya:yes Mommy!
Mother with anger:who is your mommy?!
Rukaya:what have I done again mom...?!
Mother:first of all stop calling me mummy Because if u anger me right now I will
disown you.
Rukaya;:aaah!mum say 'audubillah Mina shaytan first!
Mother pointing to her with anger :you are the shaytan at this moment!
Why are u doing this to me Rukaya?!
Isnt it high time for me to reap the fruit of my labour after all my years of
struggles on you since your dad's demise?!
I spent every penny I get on your education and now that it's time for you to pay
me back you are turning to an ingrate....
Rukaya with confusion:
But what have I done again?!
Mother:I have been having the feeling that your mode of dressing will cause you
trouble in the company...u didn't listen to me....u went ahead to cause another
embarrassing scene with the officials that got the authority to hire you or
Rukaya trying to understand her mom :But who reported to you I did anything
Mother: that's none of your business!
How can you seek for a job and the whole CEO extend his hand for a shake then
you refuse?!Hun?!...
Who and where is that done?!
How could u get a job with that attitude girl?!
You think it's your father's organization you can do and undo?!
No one will ever hire u with such behavior or dressing and I won't accept that
from you anylonger...u hear?!
Am yet to accept your mode of dressing u came up with something else....
This house won't contain I and you if u won't adhere to my words o.....
Rukaya calmly: So it's Mrs badmus that reported what her husband told her for
Mom! Are you saying because I wanna acquire a job I should compromise my
Mother:which religion are you talking about?!
Isn't it same religion u met me on ?!
Where did you bring yours?!
Would he rape u if atall you accept his handshake?!tell me?!.
Rukaya:Mom the Quran clearly stated that we shouldn't follow the steps of
shaytan because he enjoins immorality and wrong doing and in another verse He
says we should not go near Zina ....and hand shaking can result to all that which
I tried to protect myself from.....
And infact the prophet clearly stated to his ummah that;
"For one of you to be stabbed in the head with an iron needle is better for him
than that he should touch a woman who is not permissible for him.”
Imagine I begin with handshake today only Allah knows what I will be requested
to do tommorow so far I am ready from now to compromise my deen at the cost
of my job.
Mother:have you finished your sermon??
Now!get away from my face before I disown you...
Rukaya:but mommy I .....
Mother shouting:Get oooouuuuuutttt!!!!
Rukaya rushed out of the room not to raise her mother's anger.
She never thought Mr badmus could take the issue so sensitive to report it to his
Anyways I don't care!
She whispered!
It's been two days now... Rukaya's mother refused to speak to her despite her
regular pleads .....
Around 12noon .....
Rukaya phone rang ....she checked to see who the caller was but it was an
unfamiliar number....she picked!
The voice: hello!please am I speaking to miss Rukaya akintola?!
Rukaya:yes please.
The voice:your attention is needed at Royal finance company....can u please
make it to show up in the next an hour?!
Rukaya surprisingly:yeah sure... inshallah will be there shortly.
The voice:bye.
Rukaya hanged up the call and told her mother what was requested from her to
do while the latter didn't bother to ask her any question regarding it despite her
the surprise in her face she couldn't hide.
Rukaya went into her room and dressed in her usual outing dress and dashed
Mother soliloquying :This girl will never listen to word....see how she is dressed
She is coming back to meet me with a shamful rejection letter and it's either me
or she in this house.
*At the company's reception*
I am Rukaya who was called to come over an hour ago!
The secretary standing up: welcome ma ..please have a seat till the CEO calls u
Rukaya having a seat:ok.
Secretary:would you like to take something ma?!
Rukaya with surprise:Am ok... thanks.
The secretary sat and made a call to the CEO informing him of Rukaya's
Rukaya was lost in thought wondering why she would have been called....
Isn't this lady the same secretary I met last time that was sounding rude,
referring to me now as ma?!
What could be happening?!....
She wondered!
Anyways....I shall see what they are up to.
*Omm maaher*
*Niqabi.... pridy*....
Secretary receiving a call:
Ok sir..right away!
Miss Rukaya u can go in please!
Rukaya stood up and went into the CEO office...
CEO :Come in please!
Rukaya went in and noticed no one was in the semi dark office except the CEO
alone ....she
thus went in without closing the door behind her to avoid been in seclusion with
CEO:you welcome miss Rukaya please have your seat .
What would you like to drink?!
Rukaya politely:thanks sir!am fine
CEO:were you served anything at the reception?!
Rukaya: actually she asked me but told her not to bother.
CEO making a call:
Two plain coffee Please .
This my usual coffee time and I don't like taking something while the other person
with me doesn't ....hope u accept that?!..
Rukaya:thanks sir.
Sir!Can I know y I'm being called?!
Rukaya curiosly asked after few seconds of silence in the room!
A knock!
CEO:come in please!
The secretary went in with two cups of coffee and served it...
Secretary:Any other thing sir?!
CEO:will call u if there is any!
Leave the door open.
Ordered the CEO!
Rukaya whispering: alhamdulilah!
CEO:So miss Rukaya!you are here because I have gone through your resume,and
was so impressed with what I saw and can boldly say u were the best among
Rukaya with some surprise in her face:wawoo!
CEO:Truly other members of the board saw u not worthy of the post because u
might not fit to be given some vital works especially outside our company
because of your belief, but I believe u not shaking a man is a personal choice
none should be compelled to go against.
I spent some part of my life in United State and I know how they value human
rights so I see nothing wrong in what u did.
However,I made them understand that I couldn't afford loosing such a brain
because of a religious/personal choice.....
Congratulations miss Rukaya for the post .
U can resume your office next week Monday!
He handed her the acceptance letter which she happily collected.
Am short of words sir...
But I appreciate your understanding and trust in me.....and apologise for any
embarrassment I might have caused unwillingly.
I promise to give my best towards the service of this great company!
But sir I got a question!
CEO:go ahead please!
Rukaya:Is there any specific dress code I need to follow?!
CEO:eeeem!that's your personal choice!
What I don't accept here is indecent dressing!
Our major focus in this company is the best and highest productivity each
individual can render .
Rukaya: And I promise with Allah's aid to do my best!
CEO:, alright see u then on Monday.
Rukaya: inshallah sir !
She left the office with a smile on her face heading towards the reception when
the secretary stood up:
Congratulations ma!
Rukaya gave a no wonder look at her before she faintly responded with thanks
and left.
She got home Abit later as a result of traffic snarl up ....
She entered the living room giving tasleem and was surprised to meet her
mother's brother around!
Rukaya:Ahh!uncle!u here.....welcome sir.
Uncle:thanks r u ?!
Rukaya:good..... alhamdulilah.
It's unusual to see u during the weekdays ..hope all is well!
Uncle:Thank God u too know how busy my schedules use to be....for u to have
seen me here during a working day means there is something important that
brought me which is you.
Have your seat.
Rukaya giving a sigh while looking at her mom:
Na'am sir!
Uncle:see am not here to waste time but give my advice to you and leave u to
your wish
Mother :(cut in)I didn't call u here to leave her do her wish o...make sure u talk
and she agree to whatever u say.
Uncle:aunty..always be patient please.
Aunty Ruka!
How true is what I heard?!
Rukaya:Am not sure about what u heard sir,if it's all about handshaking things at
the interview place....then all is right!
Uncle adjusting his seat: Good!
So can u tell me how in this era we are can u get job without shaking hand with
opposite sex?!,
Rukaya:Allah has promised to give a way out for whosover fear Him....
I fear Allah's wrath and thus didn't want to go against his messenger
commandment when he forbade touching the opposite sex.
I had the believe that if that job was destined for me then it won't go to any other
than myself....and if I am to loose it then it was also destined....I might
compromise my religion and still loose what's the point?!
U see?!that's the rubbish sermon she will be giving evertime we talk.....
Uncle: I said u should be patient aunty!else I will leave o!
Rukaya!will u hear from me?!
I don't know of any company or Organization that will hire someone with your
beliefs and even mode of dressing ...
If u truly dont want all your years of schooling and your mother's struggles on u
go in vain...u need to go by the society's norms....else you end up jobless.
That's all I have to say to u.
Rukaya:mom and uncle!I want u both to know that Allah don't forsake his
slave...sooner or later He grants his wishes once he follows his commandment!
We shouldn't because of this tiny world keep compromising our Deen.
Mother:Am sick of you already!
Rukaya:you might be so now but be the happiest in the next few seconds!
Uncle:How do u mean?!
Rukaya brought out her acceptance letter and gave to her mother .
Her uncle who was beside her mother gave glance at the paper and both were
astonished of what they read!
Uncle:sistermi!can u see what am seeing at all?!
Mother:But omoduni!how did u come across this?!
This is acceptance letter when I have thought u are coming back with rejection
letter ....what happened?!
Rukayat with pride:
Nothing mom other than the fact that I prayed to Allah and He didn't forsake
He has destined the job to be mine...neither my hijab nor handshake refusal stood
at Allah's will.
Uncle with a relief:
Ehnmmm! Sistermi!I tink what u called me for is now solved right?!
Alhamdulillah! please let me take my leave now....will see you On Saturday.....
Mother:oga o.....
Alright then....thank u o.
Rukaya standing up: I'm tired need some rest!
Mother with joy: Aah!omoduni alalubarika(blessed girl)! should I find u something
to eat?u must have been hungry!
Rukaya with a faint smile: thank u iya not yet hungry when I am ...will
prepare our foods,i hope you eat it this time around!
Mother:een dunni mi! You too know that all my shoutings are for nothing but your
own sake...,..
Rukaya:And Alhamdulillah your wish have lastly been granted.
Let me have some rest please then I gist u!
Mother mockingly:Gist or give sermon ?!
Just rest well.