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As a Realtor, I've been so BUSY running around between appointments, going to meetings and trying to have somewhat of a social life. I've been run down. My life has been completely out of balance. Some mornings, I honestly don't want to get out of bed and just avoid all of the stress and problems.


I have made some big changes, and I'm SOOO excited to share about it!


A big stress reliever for me has been being active. Even a simple walk could clear my mind.

I haven't ever been athletic because I was always told I wasn't "coordinated" or that I was "tall, awkward and clumsy". Here's the thing: I just NEVER tried. I took those negative comments, believed them and became what they said. In college, I tried working out with friends, but those little lies would creep in and I would quit because I felt defeated.

A year ago, I joined some work out groups but never could get the support I needed because weight loss wasn't my goal. I wasn't severely obese. I just had no idea how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only was I living a lie, but overtime I was holding in so much stress from work and personal life. I felt like it was all snowballing and I had no way to overcome (But just praying it would all go away). mother of the bride or groom dresses with jackets

The reason for starting a new journey is because I'm DONE with the lies. Those negative voices had NO right to speak over my life to begin with. I'm in a place where I need a REAL CHANGE or stress and a busy lifestyle is going to run me into the ground.

I'm three days in and ALREADY getting a renewed passion for LIFE and BUSINESS. My real estate business can't come to life if I'm not really living.

There's not a magic pill.

This takes HARD work. Period.

Stay tuned....tonight I am announcing a SUPER FUN (and FREE!) fall activity for y'all. :)

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