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(I'm whinning)
This shoulder/back thing is killing me.... 11 days now. 2 Chiropractor visits $25 co-pays each (I swear, made it worse), a regular doctor visit yesterday $25 co-pay, ice packs, heating pads, STEM (shocking thing), lidocane patches, anti-inflammatory medicine and muscle relaxer $10 co-pay, and what started as a knot under my left shoulder blade, is now throbbing pain and all-day muscle spasms (feels like tap dancing going on under my skin) on the entire left side of my back, shoulder blade, shoulder, left arm and left side of my neck. No sleep over a week until last night (after taking medicine-which I hate....and I woke up feeling like I had a hangover). Hurts to do anything & even if I'm doing nothing. I've never had anything like this & I don't like it lol. plus size formal dresses under 100