plus size semi formal dresses under 100

And then when a woman sits in her skirt or dress, she would try to move her buttocks from time to time to get that perfect comfortable position. A less sensitive woman would pay less attention to the way she moves her buttocks when sitting in her skirt or dress. With 'uncontrolled' and wild movement of her buttocks would damage the stitches in the seams of the rear seated area especially those stitches around the reinforcement as to cause ripping of the stitches. A sensitive ... woman, on the other hand, would sense and be aware of the suffering of those stitches, she would move her buttock in a gentle way such that minimum damage would be imparted on the stitches in the rear seated area while generating and brewing tasty little wrinkles and creases for the eyes to see. The gentle way of a sensitive woman in moving her buttocks around the seat while sitting is always on her mind, so the stitches and the slits are always in tip top condition as opposed to excessive wear and tear... plus size semi formal dresses under 100

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