plus size short wedding dresses

WEDDING/BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES FOR SALE I DO POST.hello i have quite a few wedding and b/m/dresses for sale,i different sizes and colours,the wedding dresses i have from a size 6-16,b/m/dresses from size 6-20,in some of the b/m/dresses i have only 1 of and others up to 8 of the same dresses,also some of the dresses are new some been worn or tried on.prices short b/m/dresses from 15-20.00 each.long b/m/dresses from 25-30.00 each wedding dresses from 40-75.00 plus recorded delivery.can you put a picture up of the dress you are interested in so i now which one it is,thank you all x plus size short wedding dresses