royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

Today I went to the farm science review for the first time in my life, and consequently I got my life threatened while there. I was walking down one of the long aisles of equipment in which the vendors had set up and it happened. There was this young blonde woman walking just ahead of me and another fellow I went with. She had her phone out and was rather involved with it while walking. I looked over at the guy I was with and said in a tone that I'd be sure that she'd hea ... r; "Have you heard the joke about a blonde and a smart phone?" I look away and then back at the guy that was with me, he had disappeared. I spotted his backside some distance away, I think he did this in a single leap. The blonde with the phone now right in front of me as she had turned around and I was still walking with my head turned searching for the missing guy I went there with. She said to me with a smile; "Don't mess with me, I'm from Detroit." She then turned around without giving me a chance to say anything and headed back up the aisle in front of me. The guy I was with reappeared has fast as he had disappeared. The blonde was now at the Dodge truck display. I noticed that she was dressed the same as the people at the display and kindly informed them; "Don't mess with her, she is from Detroit." LOL royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

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