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To meaningfully prepare for marriage, we can't overlook or underestimate the power of beauty or make up but this doesn't give you the freedom to invest all your time on beauty, yet beauty role can't be underrated. Beautifying yourself doesn't mean you should focus your energy on your look only for the wedding day. If you concentrate fully on the make up for the wedding day what happens after wedding? What happens in marriage?

Be reminded that you have your whole life to live with this same man. He will not always picture the beauty he saw on the wedding day. You need to make your beauty radiate daily like a shining diamond. Don't assume he knows you're beautiful. You need to keep on assuring him that your beauty is radiating and not fading. You must learn to present yourself as the best looking woman on earth everyday. Ensure you have a beautiful figure that is lovely to behold, don't be too fat but keep yourself in good shape.

Staying beautiful and lovely isn't all about facial make up only, you need to learn how to eat healthy to maintain a beautiful inside and outside to secure a healthy shape. Some ladies rebuild themselves to become mama after giving birth to one or two, they find it difficult to maintain their former gorgeous shape, they begin to fail in proper packaging and beauty.

They feel after reproduction, they don't need to look attractive to any man just because they have a ring on their finger, so they see no reason to look better and attractive than before. This is when you see some women dressed like their ancestors, some tie wrapper on their chest like a divorcee. This happen when you don't appreciate yourself and your look anymore, then you begin to award zero value to yourself - but remember there are lot of ladies out there seriously seeking for men to devour- thus, learn to eat right and remain attractive. sexy wedding dresses

Sometimes ago, I met a man who widely opened his mouth to say his wife now occupy the whole bed, that she wasn't fat when they got married but now she occupy the whole space on the bed and he's not interested in her anymore...sounds funny though But it's real.

Do you know that when Vashti was displaced to be replaced by a better Virgin, the virgins assembled went through 12 months of purification to beautify them and make them appealing and attractive to king Ahaseurus - this was according to their law, they spent 6 months with oil of myrrh and another 6 months with sweet odour for their beautification and purification - isn't that amazing??? That simply means they understood the rules of beauty- how much more you? Are you preparing for marriage? Then learn beauty.

Don't rely on your beauty alone while preparing for marriage, you have to prepare your attitude for good. Remember queen Vashti was very beautiful and good looking but her attitude wrecked and displaced her. Ruth was favoured in the sight of Boaz and others because of her good attitude and her love and treat towards Naomi.

Understand that something must die for another to survive, learn how to let go - Jesus died for us to live, seed die to germinate, million sperm die for one or two to survive - let go of bad attitude, hot temper, unforgiving spirit, unpleasant past experiences, selfishness and let pure love survive.

If you are desperate to get married and you rush into any marriage without proper planning or preparation, you'll definitely be desperate to rush out of the eternal school of learning.
While awaiting marriage, have you ever considered checking your health and giving it a special treat?

Both gender need to give quality consideration to it because your health is your greatest asset on earth, when you are healthy you are hopeful of a defined future. There are lot of disease that hinders productivity in some marriage, some marriage has been destroyed because of lackadaisical attitude most people pose towards their health.your reproductive organs must always be in good and healthy condition, thus the need to always check their status.

Always give special attention to your general health, eat right, diet properly and avoid being a permanent customer to the hospital bed. Getting sick always could be so worrying and sometimes frustrating in marriage. Don't make drugs and injection your norm. Prevent every disease at early stage and keep your cells in good functioning state. Prevention is the best cure.

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