simple bridesmaid dresses

Ladies, imagine this scenario...

Today is your wedding day.

You've been engaged for two years, and today is the big day.

Between the DJ, the venue, your dress, catering, invitations, and guests, you've invested so much money, time, and effort into making this day perfect.

The pressure for perfection is on baby.

You are nervous as hell, but you know he's the one for you.

Your friends and family show up to the venue. They are about to see you looking so beautiful... breathtakingly gorgeous...

You dieted hard to look perfect...

You paid way too much to have your hair done...

Every detail of your appearance has been agonized over...

And when you say your vows, everyone will clap and cry.

Today is your day.

You are standing in the back room shaking, your heart beating out of your chest, hands sweating...

The music fires up...

You haven't seen him all day.

Your father walks up and takes your arm...

Now Imagine you are walking down the aisle, and as you begin to walk, you notice a couple people whispering to each other and snickering.

You think to yourself "hey that's kinda rude" but no big deal.

You keep walking and you can feel some eyes looking like they are worried, some are trying not to laugh... people seem generally uncomfortable. You make your way to the alter and stand there.

and then the unbelievable happens...

Your man leans in and whispers into your ear....

"Hey, you got a red stain on your dress and toilet paper dragging behind your dress"


Now you stand there trying to remain proud and beautiful, trying to shrug it off because you spent THOUSANDS on your dress and another $36,000 on the wedding...

You feel a lump in your throat and you are trying to keep it together with a fake smile.

You know this is being filmed but you feel like a complete fool while everyone takes pictures of you... and you just want to curl up and die... on your big day.

Well, you don't have to imagine this scenario because it already happens to you every time you write copy or content online.

It's not enough to know what to put into your copywriting, anyone can teach that stuff... The real magic is walking down the aisle without a stain or your dress or toilet paper dragging under your dress.

The blind spots you can't see.

The real killer of copy is not what you put in... it's what you don't take out.

Like the bridesmaids who failed to tell you, you need someone who can point out errors BEFORE you walk down the aisle, before you walk out in public.

The honest truth is what you don't put in is just as important as what you DO put in.

People teaching copy completely ignore this other half of the process and it causes your copy to not work even though you are doing everything you are supposed to!

Think about it: How much copywriting advice have you gotten and put into use and your copy STILL doesn't really work... Why do you think that is?

Toilet paper under the shoe...

You could wear the perfect outfit but if you got mustard smeared on your white shirt, toilet paper on your shoe .. You are the joke of the party.

Even if you are kinda good at writing, you are better off not writing at all because it will fail and be a waste of your time.

So, I'm going to help you today. Consider me your eagle eye'd bridesmaid with a better ass.

I'm hosting a class 5 days from now where I'll give you my private "pre-flight" checklist. Airline pilots would never dare fly a plane without completing a checklist EVEN IF they know exactly what to do... because missing even just one step could cause big problems... simple bridesmaid dresses

Do not attempt to write another word of copy until you get your hands on this checklist, especially if you've been writing content, posts, and copy without getting much engagement or sales.

I've sold millions of dollars of product and services with my copy and I still don't release a piece without going over my checklist because knowing what to do is fine, but knowing what shouldn't be there is EQUALLY important.

It's like buying a car.

One year I bought a used BMW 735i. It was gorgeous and looked great.

However, I had failed to get an inspection because I bought on emotion...

The next day, the entire rear end gear box literally FELL OUT of the car and the car smashed to a screeching halt on the middle of the road... nearly got into an accident.

Just because a car has all it's parts, doesn't mean it'll work.

The same goes with your copy.

it may look good on the surface, but you forgot to take it in for an inspection.

So today I'm your sexy mechanic bridesmaid.

And unlike most mechanics, you can actually trust me. You know I write damn good copy, and it's time to teach you how I avoid all of those blind spots and embarrassing errors that will murder your copy.

These are errors and tips you wouldn't figure out on your own, along with... exactly what to write and put in there. Both sides of the equation.

All compiled neatly into an orderly checklist.

And when you join the class, you'll get it along with my live tutorial training on exactly how to use the checklist with examples. You'll also get the video recording to go through anytime you need a little help.

With this checklist you can't fail, you'll have the confidence you did the best you can do. And this stuff is easy, you don't have to be a scholar... just don't make THESE errors...

If you do any writing, this is for you. And if you don't agree, you don't pay for it. I don't want your money.

Like every other class I hold, I'll only do this one time. If you miss out, you miss out forever. I don't repeat my training classes.

The cost of this is only $197.

Here's the truth: Using this checklist one time, will make your $197 back. It's that simple. And if it doesn't? Tell me I failed as your bridesmaid and get your money back.

A few of the things I'll save you from:

- The one word you must remove or it will kill your chances of being taken seriously (no, it's not the word "that" though you should remove that one too)

- Avoid the dreaded "Double trouble" sentences. Most people do this and have no idea, that's why you need to use my checklist every time you write something

- The one phrase you need to add to every single paragraph that'll instantly make people believe what you are saying to them... see if you can guess what it is from reading this post...

- And 30 other check points... just go in order down the page and check off every single one, as soon as you do, you KNOW... you have a killer "Mitch Miller level" copy piece you can confidently release knowing it'll make you real money

- And it comes with my video tutorial on every piece so you will never be stumped on how to quickly fix that piece.

This is as close to a magic bullet as I can give you. And at $197, you have it for life. The return on investment, especially regarding the most important skill in all of marketing, and right before the holiday rush.. it's a no brainer.

I don't write copy without this checklist...

Pilots wouldn't dare take you to California without a checklist...

Surgeons save lives with checklists...

Smart copywriters, entrepreneurs, and marketers use checklists to ensure they come out on top...

It's November - people are beginning to buy everything like crazy, and will continue to until February... are you prepared to crush it this holidays, or will you be left behind?

there's no way around it, if you are in business for yourself, you need to write copy. If you gotta do it, might as well do it the right and easy way...

Make it easy on yourself from here on out.

We begin 5 days from now, don't miss out. The link is the first comment, see you on the class :)