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You have been dating him for two years now and it has really
been blissful, though not without the ups and downs of every
relationship. He treats you like a queen and worships the
very ground you walk on. He loves and respects everyone
around you and you know he is perfect for you. He is really
working hard to take you to the altar but he has financial
constraints..... Everything seems to be going at a good pace
but the whole story changed when you attend your friend's
wedding.....This wedding of a thing is one of major thing that
spoils and poison some lady's heart.
Hmmm, what a wedding! The celebration was the talk of the
town for months. You are just getting over it when your friend
calls to say that her hubby has just given her a brand new
car. You begin to think 'when will your fiance make enough
money for your wedding? Would he ever get you a car?
Things suddenly become slow in your eyes because your
friend is married to a wealthy man.
Your friend invites you for a surprise birthday party she
has organized for her hubby and that's it! You get there and
can't take your eyes off anything. The cars at the garage, the
flowers, beautiful environment, the leather
chairs, the plasma tv, the sound system. This must be
heaven on earth. You begin to despise your fiance. He lives
in a
bedsitter with a few chairs. You try to do a comparison.
There's no point! You get terribly angry..
Your eyes are rolling. Some of your hubby's friends are
singles and your mind begins to suggest terrible things. You
try to ward it off but it comes stronger...
After the party, you find time to talk to your friend. You start to trendy plus size prom dresses
complain about your fiance. You say things that are not so
true because you have become impatient. Your friend can
see the handwriting on the wall and she decides fill the blank
spaces for you, she offers to help.
Afterall, what are friends for? One of her hubby's friend is
seriously searching for a good wife and she tries to introduce
you to him, hmmmm, Good idea huh?
The new guy calls you and you start a relationship. so
soon?. Then, you start to complain terribly about your fiance.
Things that made you happy suddenly begin to piss you off.
Little by little, you try to aviod his calls and he can sense it.
He sends his friends and family to plead with you and but
you do not listen.
The new guy invites you over for a weekend and you are
mad with excitement. (love has started).You jump into a bus to
see a man you
do not know! (Safe journey).... He comes to pick you at
motor park and takes you to his house! What a house
This is my final bus stop i swear! You assure yourself that
you won't
miss this guy and he senses it, he sees the desperation in
your eyes and he is frightened. Minutes later, you get into the
kitchen to prepare dinner and you eat together. What a
sumptous meal!, He applauds you and you are happy. You
think you are winning him over, (na true)!!! After a while, you
start to
mop the floors. Hmm, at night??? You won't even do that for
your mother in the mornings. He tells you that the maid
would do it but you refuse because you want show him that
you indeed a wife material, You do all the chores for him and
night you dress very seductively. He is tempted and you guys
have sex! Hmm, what do you think you are doing? Having
sex with a man who's not legally married to you and worse
still, one you barely know.
Hmm, Its monday morning and he is almost begging you to
leave. When you finally agree to leave, you deliberately
leave some of your clothes in his wardrobe because you
have come to stay( l dey laff). He gives you some good cash on
your way back and you are really overjoyed. You tell your
mum to prepare to see her rich son inlaw.
In the next few days, you begin to do all the calling. He
starts to complain that he's too busy. But who wouldn't be
too busy for a desperate girl like you?
When he reluctantly invites you again, you intensify your
efforts. You cook, clean, wash his clothes and give him sex
and more sex. You do not even know so much about him
except for the fact that he works in an good company and
earns good cash. You do not even want to hear any
detail about any woman in his life.
You are pregnant after two months and you have mixed
feelings. You do not know what his reactions might be, but
you are sure you have something to hold him down. But to
your utmost surprise he doesn't want to hear of it at all and
says the baby isn't his. He screams and calls you all sort of
names. (What do you expect? You made yourself so cheap).
You plead and plead but he wants an abortion. You are so
You go for an abortion, and after a few weeks he calls you
again. You feel very terrible but you forgive him but you can't
afford to lose a wealthy man like him just like that.
You visit him unannounced only to find a girl in his house.
You are so devastated and you leave. When you call him to
find out who the slut in his house is, he tells you she is his
wife to be and not a slut. He apologizes profusely. He has
always tried to talk to you about her but you never listened.
He has always had a woman in his wife but they only had a
misunderstanding and she was back. You try to fight your
way back but his mind is made up and you are the looser!
You go back to your fiance and he accepts you back just like
because he truly loves you. You are
indeed lucky. Many girls are not as lucky as you are.
What do you think? Men are wicked abi? But don't you think
girls are even more and more wicked? You abandon a man
who has
done so much for you because he is not earning enough
cash and you hear a man is ready for
marriage else where.
LET ME JUST ASK YOU.....'What makes a man
ready for marriage?
If you think, it is only money, you have
to think again! A man can have a fat bank account and not be
ready yet a man can have so little and be ready.
Don't sell your self cheaply because of money. The man who
cannot afford a car today can buy ten tomorrow and the fact
that your friend is getting married today doesn't mean you
should be married today too, hell No!!! There's time for
everyone and