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-It's ok for you-

I've had comments like that from people who struggle with their weight when I explain that your level of commitment usually determines your results.

There are very few coincidences in life when it comes to weight loss and weight gain....


So truth be told I'm a little embarrassed to share this photo, but I hope it can help someone...

Because last weekend I spoke to someone who just assumed that I've always been in great shape and comfortable in the skin I'm in.

But truth be told this hasn't been the case, I know before the negative nazzis jump on it, I'm not in the worst shape here.....

But truth is, I hated it.

I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, and only took this photo so I could see my starting point before I went into prep for the British finals in 2016.

I don't want my daughter to grow up with her dad in that shape, living the life I was, she deserves better..

Months of booze, junk food and the exercise was less consistent and it showed in my body, despite having got myself in great shape just 5 months before I had let it slip- wedding dresses in peach color


All excuses for why I was putting on body fat that I'd say it's 'ok' and wear looser t shirts and jumpers....

now here's the thing,

Since then Ive gained full control of myself because I literally love my lifestyle.

My mindset

My job

My training

My activity levels

My nutrition

But most importantly I've been held accountable, by Coaches, by Elly and ultimately by myself.

And it shows in my body, on that day I remember it clearly- I vowed to not let myself slip back like that again for as long as I'm in this job role.

I'm a firm believer if you want people to follow your 'message' you just show them it and follow it yourself.

Want to join Elly and I on this journey?

We only want people who will take part to get results though, as good results aren't easier, but I'm certain they're easier with 2 coaches (me and Elly).

We'd love to have you, and we even let men in on our group coaching programme, and have a male only group now;)

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