wedding items prepared for courthouse

PLEASE do not treat your child with these if they are type 1. The ONLY treatment is insulin or they WILL die! Yes eating certain foods can help not raise their blood sugar as much but that doesn't change the fact they still need insulin to bring it down. They need insulin to grow, to bring down high sugars from getting excited, to bring down sugars from any hormonal changes happening in the body, to bring down high sugars if they are sick, if they're routine changes, ANY food with CARBOHYDRATES require insulin! Type ones DO NOT MAKE insulin like a healthy pancreas so they need it administered. NOTHING right now can make insulin come back. IF you know someone who cured their diabetes with some remedies or diet change then they are NOT TYPE 1! Please learn the difference. wedding items prepared for courthouse

12 Home Remedies for Treating Type 1 Diabetes for Kids If your child has type 1 diabetes, you're worried. But by monitoring his blood sugar levels periodically following a strict treatment