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Well guys another fall guiding season winds down and I'm happy to be home with my beautiful family!! Just thought I'd post the highlights of the season and let everyone know how it went...... I helped with Rick Wemple 's guide school all summer and into September and it went great big thanks to the students that enrolled and also a congrats to every one that was placed with an outfit as they all seemed to have very good seasons....immediately after last class I guided one fall bear hunt, during which we saw 7 bear 4 shooters and a sow with 2 Cubs had one excellent opportunity at 100 yds at about a300# black but had a stroke of bad luck, I then ended up helping guide an archery hunt for 1 day and took part of the party up a ridge where one kid made a 60 yd shot on a good satellite bull, this was my extent of archery in the Bitterroot because the very next day I went to help pack into Idaho,.. I spent a month in Idaho guiding for 5 bear outfitters.. 2 elk hunts (1 archery,1 rifle) a moose hunt and helping with a drop camp and packing, the experience was incredible we packed in on mules 15 miles to a very elaborate camp,, we hunted vast, beautiful country only to ever run into one other hunter (moose hunter) saw huge elk, plenty of moose mountain goats, bear and wolf.... We stuck a 4 by 5 bull elk at 11 yds that came charging into the call and passed up a few moose on the archery elk rifle moose combo hunt... Rifle hunt was also a success,1st day we missed some wolves at 100yds, after 4 days of hard hunting and terrible weather we ended up closing the distance and getting a bull elk down!...the moose hunter came back for 3 days and we got on some that we just couldn't close the distance on but on the last day ended up getting one down! As I came back to the Bitterroot I jumped right into an awesome rifle elk season, I had 4 elk hunts,, the first 2 guys followed me everywhere without a complaint and hunted extremely hard for 7 days but were rewarded with 2 bulls on the 7th morning!!, the next hunt was a group of 3 and we had an awesome time we ended up chasing muleys and elk we shot a decent 3point muley and the oldest of the bunch at 67yrs of age, ended up killing a nice 5 by 5 elk! My next hunt was a 1 on 1 who was also in his 60s and I'm pretty sure that I pushed him to his limits as he hunted very hard but he ended up taking a very respectable 6by6 ....and to finish off the season my last one on one got the opportunity to shoot a 330 class bull! wedding party guest wears look sexy Congrats to everyone who harvested and the whole outfit ran by Beau @ Rick wemple outfitting as everyone seemed to have a great season.... Any body looking for information on hard as you can hunt public land hunting in the Bitterroot or information on pack in hunts in Idaho please message me I'd be glad to help and anything that I can't answer I'll be sure to relay! Thank you! # gottaloveitbaby !