white color prom selections with lace

I can confirm. a lot of pain is eased through group singing, at least for me! If you havent yet heard of sing for joy...its a group that is involved in songs and activism, and I always leave feeling empowered and loved.

I also want to add. this has been some of the roughest years I have ever anticipated, I literally thought my life was doing a 360 and generally i fall on the side of optmist, and have been hopeful about my life, or maybe not, i dont know anymore!....i thought these were supposed to be "the best years", then time passed and i was ready to move forward, but again opportunity has come and gone. I saw so much ahead, interrelated in other people, their motivations, their love, their interests...thats what drives me to grow! Instead I have been stewing in so many things that felt painted my life in black. Thinking things would really climb out and up, I have lost so much faith and trust in people and largely my ability to protect myself and know who and what is good for myself. I have felt so utterly alone likely of my own consequence. I continue to feel that way often, and the more I allow people to take advantage of me, or if I make friendships out of desperation or dependency instead of by choice, trust, intuition, shared paths... or this feeling- of love the more I live in that pain. I feel so far away from myself. I am eager to move on from pain. all kinds of pain. It is so hard. Knowing what you cannot handle, knowing I can hurt people if I make poor choices...but it is so much worse watching the consequences unfold and isolating myself further. I never thought I was a person to know so much loneliness, I have always had friends, and close family, I have always been very social and prefer the company of people, but these truly have been the hardest most isolating years. I am building that wall people have described to me that felt foreign as a concept, that I never understood. I never wanted a shell to hide in. Im angry its there. white color prom selections with lace

some people will tell me this is too private to share on a social media platform, and i am always critical of using these platforms as diaries or exposing myself. its scary! I know it has a consequence. im also at a point of not giving any major f s what people think because thats the only way i know how to deal, and often how i end up with the people i love the most.